Kentucky COVID: Is trusting Stack or Fauci trusting science?

Is it ‘trust the science’ or ‘trust the scientists’? The two are not the same.

Here are a few things that–at one point–virtually all scientists agreed on:

  • The earth is the center of the universe

  • The world is flat.

  • The treatment for epilepsy required the ritualistic sacrifice of a goat

While we know these statements to be absurd today, there was a time when questioning these certainties would have you labeled everything from a hack to a heretic. Despite this, a small number of smart people looked at the facts, exercised critical thinking, tested the hypothesis and ultimately rewrote what was once known to be true.

Science never fails. Scientists fail constantly. And that’s the idea of it all. That’s how it’s supposed to work while on the journey to find the unfailing truths of science. As such, real science demands skepticism and should be critical of conformity to an idea without comprehensive evidence. But, ‘ya know, 2020 and all…

Today, anyone questioning certain public health officials or government leaders is to be ridiculed, criticized, and even censored because they are dangerous to the environment. If you’re concerned the data tells a different story than the approved message, your dangerous ideological misgivings and disinformation could influence others to take actions that kill people. There is a system of subject matter experts that have the right plan and questioning by the citizenry, press or even other scientists cannot be accepted because any of those people are not the right scientists or intelligentsia to address the matters at hand.

The deaths don’t align with scary case narrative? “You’re wrong, just wait two weeks.” It’s been two weeks? “You’re forgetting about Long COVID.” Long COVID symptoms are just as common with the Flu or other respiratory diseases? “No it’s worse this time., here’s an emotional story of the 3 people that… You have to trust that we’re the experts and you are not.”

Many of the most powerful scientific breakthroughs ever came from a patent examiner, not the established scientific community of the time. The smartphone wasn’t built by leading telco companies, but a college dropout that built a computer company named after a fruit. And I figured out what a funnel cloud was when I was 8 without having graduated from Meteorology school. To this day I don’t have to measure barometric pressure to determine if it’s raining. 

Any scientist not open to alternative scientific views, is not a scientist at all and the efforts to dismiss reasonable, rational, and data-driven skepticism at all cost is not science. Concerns of logic and reason are often NOT met genuine scientific insight and data but with emotional stories and anecdotal responses.  It’s a plea to trust not the science, but a select group of scientists that must be above reproach even when their data is far from certain or incomplete. Compliance with their directives are all that matters and to ensure compliance in the face of remarkably incomplete scientific rationale, they use fear.

“Today is the worst day of deaths since…” One-third of those deaths died weeks to months ago—they’re just being reported today. “This teacher died from COVID-19…” She didn’t get it from school. They don’t say “this sanitation worker died of…”.  They clearly use these points to instill fear in those working in or sending kids to school. Fear drives compliance with the scientist—not trust in science. They use fear-driven compliance at the expense of an individual’s ability to determine their own relative risk because saving COVID lives is more important than any other public health, education, social or economic matter, as though life is nothing more than being a vessel that could potentially carry an infection. After all, they’re from the government, they’re here to help. 

So, what is the end game? That’s an article for another time.

For today, ask yourself why you are so willing to trust people that aren’t giving you all the information—because they admitted multiple times that the data is severely flawed. Why are you OK with 1.2MM Kentucky children suffering harm to ‘keep you safe’ from a virus killing less than 120 people under 60 in this state. And if the answer is “because people could die”, you have been indoctrinated with fear. More excess deaths are coming from non-COVID factors by nearly 2 to 1. Where’s your concern over those deaths? I’m sure you’ll rationalize the fear away. You’ll point to 200,000 deaths (even though less than 550 not in LTC have died in KY—about the same amount that has died in car accidents)

The real virus is fear.

And if after all of this you still believe you’re ‘trusting the science’ with your unquestioned compliance and ridicule of those that don’t, you’re choosing faith in scientists over the pursuit of scientific truth. You’re choosing faith in politicians over your own liberty. 

Isn’t it time to start asking why you’re doing that? 

All data sourced through the State’s COVID website, the COVID Tracking Project, the CDC or the articles linked through the piece.