Kentucky COVID: In Context After 6 Months

I’ve never met a 70 year old that wanted to harm most all children so they could better manage a 1-2% increased risk of death. And if that’s true almost all the time (which I believe it is)–who are we doing all this for?

Develop strong guidelines for those over 70 and nursing homes. That said, it’s still their choice what risk they want to take. Not seeing their families and loved ones might kill more than it saves. For everyone else, let’s be reasonably cautious, live with the REMARKABLY small increased risk and get on with our lives. 

The novelist Chuck Palahnuik wrote, “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will.”

It’s time for most of us to get back to work creating those ‘somethings’ and those that are scared can stay home while we do.