Kentucky COVID: 10 Facts KY’s Virus Industrial Complex isn’t telling you

  • Extracting LTC, there have been 89 deaths (out of 600K+) in LOU and 50 in LEX (out of 300K+). Based on 10-12 data, total LTC deaths are now 61% of total deaths.
  • Extracting LTC, 498 people have died of COVID-19 out of a population of >4,000,000. 111 People under the age of 60. 35 under 50. 9 under 40.
  • If COVID-19 deaths increased 300%, less than 0.1% of Kentuckians would be dead. 
  • The Infection Fatality Rate is now at its lowest point. EVER.
  • KY Probable case reporting reached 30% of daily cases in September. It was 38% on October 13.
  • The ‘out of control’ city of LEX and its UK problem child was never out of control and are looking pretty good right now.
  • Hospitals are not overrun, never have been overrun and we have so much capacity you could almost put everyone who has ever been hospitalized with C19 in the hospital all at the same time–right now. Credit:
  • For any county to achieve green status and an ultimate return to normal they need several days (14 I think) of an average of <1 case per 100,000. Here is Lexington’s data since March. They will NEVER achieve this hurdle even without the college kids. EVER.
  • Our moving average of deaths is 6 per day. It’s never been higher than 11 or lower than 4 and has been trending down for weeks despite the certainty that state officials are matching old death certificates to current reporting to make things appear worse than they are. On September 9 and 10, for example, they reported several July and August deaths while touting the scary sharp rise in deaths for that day. If you extract the old data, there was very little rise at all.
  • Hospitalization rate doubles—overnight (Oct 5) and has increased over 200% since. Fascinating that people got gravely ill all of a sudden over a 3 day interval when our hospitalization rates have been relatively flat all along. Also fascinating that bed capacity didn’t noticeably decrease despite the state’s more than doubling of hospitalization rates. If death rates don’t increase significantly over the next few weeks – they’ve figured out a new way to report increased CV19 hospitalizations that are not a measure of what’s actually happening.
    • Something to think about: If you are pregnant and test positive for C19—even asymptomatic, you are now a C19 hospitalization. September is historically a very large birth month. Also, the average gestation period is 268 days. Lockdowns began 214 days ago. If hospitalizations climb precipitously (and they are starting to) while deaths remain flat, this may be a primary driver

Selling fear is effective. It’s also wrong.

COVID-19 is real. People are dying. But when it’s all said and done so few people are dying that aren’t in gravely ill situations anyway the ‘most deadly’ pandemic of our lives is likely to result in only a small increase in total deaths from previous years. What 70 year old wants to see all kids harmed so they can feel better about a small increased risk of dying? Are we really that afraid?

If you are still scared, worried or believe that your killing a grandparent by going out to eat, just stay home.

All data sourced through the State’s COVID website, the COVID Tracking Project, the CDC or the articles linked through the piece.